Do long-lasting tyres really exist?

As a farmer or manager, cost control and optimisation are essential. And you know that it’s no longer about “spending less” but rather “investing more wisely”. There are numerous examples of professionals who are satisfied to begin with because they have saved money on a purchase, only to be disappointed by the product performance and find their return on investment has diminished.

Chances are that your agricultural activity involves a certain amount of transport by road, which always represents difficult conditions for agricultural tyres. The choice of tyre is therefore crucial.

When we talk about transport by road, we think about “rolling resistance”

This is the confrontation between two forces: the force generated by the mass supported by the wheel and the force exerted by the ground.

This balancing area is critical, and the objective is to control it, not only in the fields but on the road. Technically, on the road, one of the main transmitters of power to the ground are the tyre lugs.

The tyre must allow you to have total control on the road:

  • steering control,
  • acceleration,
  • breaking,
  • driving comfort,
  • safety in the bends,
  • stability of the tractor and its implements,
  • and of course, slow and regular tyre wear.

Bridgestone has analysed all these factors in depth to be able to provide advanced technologies capable of pushing the boundaries of tyre performance in order to serve your business.

Under the weight of the machine mass, the tyres exert vertical force which pushes the lugs into the ground. The phenomenon of adherence takes into account:

  • the roughness of the ground,
  • the deformation of the rubber,
  • the molecular interactions to define the force field.

This force field, which drives the vehicle forwards, is proportional to the contact area with the ground.

How do you make driving on the road safe and improve your tyres’ lifespan?

Your tyres are the only point of contact between tractor and road. How do you estimate the average contact area of your tyres on the road?
A sheet of A4 paper represents a surface of 623 cm². According to an internal Bridgestone test, the lug footprint of a large volume tyre, such as the 710/70R42 at 1.8 bar, is more or less equivalent to 1.3 sheets of A4 paper. At 0.7 bar the lugs’ footprint is close to 2 A4 sheets.

This means that with the full equipment, we are close to a contact area of between 4 and 6 sheets of A4.

Do the exercise: place 6 sheets of A4 paper in front of you on a table. Now do you understand the importance of having the right tyres to support the total weight of your tractor and ensure that you can drive safely on the road?

Bridgestone has developed the VX-TRACTOR range with the most advanced technology to obtain the best performance possible.

This new generation tyre is enhanced by the advanced technologies developed exclusively by Bridgestone:

  • New design with long, wide and deep lugs for more wear-rubber volume.
    Up to 20% more lug volume than competitors*
    * Based on Bridgestone measurement tests conducted on Bridgestone VX-TRACTOR, Michelin MACHXBIB and Trelleborg TM900 on 710/70 R42 and 600/70 R28 tyres.
  • New generation Bridgestone compound with even better resistance to wear.
  • Robust casing to offer you outstanding durability and resistance to damage, even at higher inflation pressures.

An additional exclusive advantage of this VX-TRACTOR range: a single model for 57 sizes, from standard to Extra Large.

So whatever the configuration of your tractor, you keep the same tyre design for your complete set of tyres with the same characteristics and advantages.

You no longer have to mix tyre models with technologies and performance characteristics that are sometimes different between front and rear axle.

10-year warranty

As part of its commitment to serve its customers with superior quality, Bridgestone is offering a 10-year warranty on its agricultural tyre products.
This warranty guarantees Bridgestone customers that its premium agricultural tyre products, built to make your farming better, are free from material and manufacturing defects for 10 years from the date of purchase.

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